Welcome All State Annual Singing Convention Participants

Rules of Competition

1. There will be no solo competition.

2. Contestants may participate in only one competition category; however, a participant may sing in one other category if the second category is either Family or Choir. Contestants may not sing in two categories with the same group lineup.

3. The competition will begin at approximately 2:00pm Saturday and Sunday.

4. Registration for the competition will close at 1:00pm Saturday and 1:00pm Sunday and contestants need to check in back stage each day by 1:00pm.

5. Contestants may sing no longer than the maximum competition time of five (5) minutes from the start of the music. Violation of this rule will reduce contestant score by 3 points.

6. Each group in the competition must be an established group prior to the weekend of the Sing (no “made-up” groups or “assembled-at-the-last-minute” groups). GROUPS MUST CONTAIN THE SAME PEOPLE BOTH DAYS.

7. All contestants in the Junior competition (groups & choirs) must be less than (17) years of age.

8. Members of each competing church choir must be regular, active members of that choir. The choir must be a church choir.

9. Competing groups in the Family category must have at least five members and the members must be related to each other.

10. A group shall be eligible for the Grand Champion Trophy no more than two (2) times in a five (5) year period.

11. Live accompaniment is encouraged; however, only recorded instrumental accompaniment, not vocals, is permitted. The use of stacked or background vocals during the competition will result in disqualification from the competition. ONLY “CD” STANDARD FORMAT WILL BE ACCEPTED FOR RECORDED INSTRUMENTAL ACCOMPANIMENT.


◦ Scores will not be disclosed to contestants.

◦ The following categories will be part of the competition: Adult Church Choir, Duet, Trio (3 Male or 3 Female), Mixed Trio, Quartet (4 Male or 4 Female), Mixed Quartet, Family, Junior, Bluegrass, and Live Accompaniment.

◦ No congregating will be allowed in the work area when scores are being computed.

◦ There is a contingency plan in place in case of inclement weather. The Sing will continue at the auditorium of the Benson Municipal Building on Church Street if the need to leave the Singing Grove arises.

The Officers and Directors of the State Annual Singing Convention thank all of you for your understanding and cooperation in making this event the greatest gospel “Sing” in the country.