Welcome All State Annual Singing Convention participants to Benson, North Carolina!

2018 Format

The Board of Directors is delighted to have you participate in the 98th State Annual Singing Convention beginning on Friday, June 22, 2018, through Sunday June 24, 2018. Our intention is to Praise God in song through those to whom the talent was given and to make available a venue that would allow sharing of that talent with those who appreciate Southern Gospel Music. The Sing also provides an opportunity for groups to be heard and become known in the Southern Gospel community.

THE COMPETITION FORMAT WILL BE THE SAME FOR 2017! The competition will continue to be on Saturday and Sunday with the competition starting at 2pm each day. There will be winners in each category on Saturday and Sunday. Loving cups will be presented at the end of the competition on Saturday and again on Sunday. The score from both days will be added together and the total point score from both days will be used to determine the winners of the Grand Champion Trophy and Consolation Trophy, which are awarded following the Sunday competition. It will be necessary to compete both days to attain enough points to be eligible for the Grand Champion Trophy and Consolation Trophy. Groups are required to perform different songs on each day. The length of each song may not be longer than 5 minutes from the time the music begins. If a song extends longer than 5 minutes, a total of 3 points will be deducted from the group’s overall score. During the awards presentation, each group is asked to be present or have a representative present at the back of the stage.

The use of stacked or background vocals will result in disqualification from the competition. This is to ensure that the only sound heard is from those offering the song from the stage. All background music must be in standard CD format. We will not have equipment to play any other format.

The order of the groups in each category will reverse from Saturday to Sunday (i.e., those who sang first on Saturday will sing last on Sunday). Each category will sing in the same order both days, but the groups within the categories will sing in a different order each day.

The Board has listened to many comments and suggestions from past participants and has implemented enhancements to continue the great heritage of the Benson State Annual Singing Convention.

Mark your calendars and join us in Benson for the 98th State Annual Singing Convention. Check out our website at or email for more information. Like us on Facebook. You may also contact us at (919) 894-4389.


Board of Directors
State Annual Singing Convention